Enhanced Method « Stop smoking in one hour »

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  • Quit smoking in 1 to 3 sessions

Stop smoking NOW !

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  • no stress
  • no weight gain

Hypnosis center specialized in smoking cessation in Paris

Stop smoking with hypnosis

How can you stop smoking forever, improve your health, enjoy life more and save money at the same time ?

Stop smoking for good with specialized hypnotherapy, the most efficient way of erasing cigarette addiction, according to studies.

Our unique method « Stop Smoking In One Hour » enhanced allows you to :

  • Quit smoking quickly and forever ;
  • Gain more health and vitality ;
  • Save money ;
  • No weight gain and no stress.

What about your cigarette addiction ?

Have you already tried many other stop smoking techniques, only to discover they are not as efficient as promise ?

  • You don’t want to lose money with an ineffective technique ?
  • You feel guilty not having quit already ?

Getting rid of smoking is no willpower driven. Otherwise, you would have stopped already, don’t you ?

Smoking is an uncounscious act, programed in an automatic manner in your brain. It is « stronger than you ». This is explain by the fact that the subcounscious part of yourself believe the cigarette is something positive and useful.
It is a fundamental misunderstanding between the logical and conscious part of your mind, and the unconscious, emotionnal one.

It is easy to quit smoking with hypnosis

If you didn’t quit tobacco until today, it is not your fault : it just comes from a lack of method.

There are many reasons able to explain your smoking habit :

  • It is anchored to your day-to-day life ;
  • It is a way of protecting yourself emotionnaly ;
  • It is a way of coping with stress ;
  • It is a way of feeling glamorized.

It is only by taking it to the roots that hypnosis can help you to resolve this inner conflict between the counscious part of yourself who wants to quit, and the subcounscious one that keep repeating this bad behaviour.

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Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Having helped more than 800 people stop cigarettes with hypnotherapy, and led many experimentations, I have developed my own methodology for helping someone quit smoking.

Hyposis is a formidable way to reprogram our unconscious behaviours, allowing a rapid and profoundly positive evolution. Hypnosis is at the core and heart or our smoking cessation method.

Quitting smoking with hypnosis is one of the best ways to quit smoking for good.

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