You are an English-speaking person looking for a hypnotherapist to help you stop smoking in Paris ? You are at the right place.

How to battle smoking ?

Smoking cessation in one of the most wanted hypnosis treatment people are looking for. Many people suffer from this dependancy to cigarettes, even thought they are conscious of the many health problems it brings and want to stop smoking.

Smoking is a « bad habit » from the moment you want to stop, and find you cannot. Challenging our ability to direct ourselves, smoking can ignite a strong inner conflict between the part of you who want to change, and a part of you who resist it.

Is smoking an addiction ? Well, it is only if the mechanism is traum-driven, wich is uncommon.

Most of the time, smoking is simply a serie of associations your unconscious mind is making with feeling at ease, relaxation, good time with friends, appreciation of a good meal, and so on…

The habit of smoking has been reinforced through the years and years of repetition, hacking your conscious will, to become a non conscious, automatic behaviour. This behaviour is sustained by positive associations you may have with cigarettes.

The discovery that nicotine does NOT create a physical addiction recently validated the hypothesis that smoking is a psychological and behavioural problem. Hence the effectiveness of treatments focusing on these aspects of the dependency.

Hypnosis for stop smoking

Hypnosis have been proved to be a successful treatment for smoking cessation for decades. It is the most prefered treatment in the USA and the UK nowadays, its success rate being higher than any other method.

The most successful study on hypnotherapy treatment for cigarette addiction cessation is was led by Von Dedenroth : « The use of hyposis in 1000 tobacco maniacs’. He attained a 94% success rate for 18 months. Many other studies are reporting for results around the 80-90% rate.

Arrêter de fumer par hypnose

How does hypnosis work ? It helps you to access you subconcious mind, who is responsible for all automatic behaviours, sensate associations, mental programs, and more, in order to reprogram it toward your goal.
Hynopsis is thus a very deep and complete way to enhance yourself via using all the unconscious potential of yourself. Hypnosis tap into the vast abilities and ressources you are holding without knowing it !

But the use that is made of hypnosis is more important than hypnosis itself. For overcoming smoking, simple steps are needed :

– an emphasis on your motivations to quit smoking, reinforced under hypnosis

– a recognition of the « why » you use to smoke, and a profound reframing

– installment of new positive ways to behave to access the positive outcomes of cigarettes… without cigarettes

– aversion therapy

– disconnection from past behaviours and emotions

– work on your identity as a non-smoker

– anchoring of the new changes on your day-to-dayl life and environment

And more tools might be used in the form of direct or metaphoric suggestions directed toward your subconscious.

It is called in french « arrêter de fumer par hypnose »

A correct and comprehensive hypnosis session will cover every aspect of the problem and help you stop smoking in as least as one hour only. For many people, a single session is sufficient, and some people will benefit from more sessions.

English-speaking french hypnotherapist

Gaëtan Klein is a french hypnotherapist specialized in helping people stop smoking in one to three sessions. Having been trained in french ericksonian hypnotherapy school, he has a solid background about how to lead hypnotherapy sessions.

More important, he has trained in many english and american methods, including the famous Austin method, the « stop smoking in one hour » method, and more, researching for the most effective ways to help someone get rid of tobacco with hypnosis.

Gaëtan is fluent in english, and have travelled through England, Scotland, New York City, San Francisco, India, and more.

You can reach Gaëtan here on the website, or call at 06 03 28 43 58 for more information and taking an appointment.

As stated in the price page, the tarification if of 300 € for 1 to 3 sessions. Most people stop effectively after the first session, and two more sessions will be offered is needed. These sessions last 1,5 hour.

The treatment is garanteed to help you gain no weight, as hypnosis allows to eliminate compensation mechanism, and the less stress possible.

In the meantime, you can also read this article that will give you some advice on how to quit smoking :

French & English

Here are some terms used in english and french :

addiction : dépendance
stop smoking : arrêter de fumer
smoking cessation : sevrage tabagique
smoke : fumer / fumée
hypnotherapy : hypnose thérapeutique
cravings : envies
subconscious : inconscient
unconscious abilities : capacités inconscientes
repatterning : reprogrammation
behavioural dependency : dépendance comportementale


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